Q. What is best way to register?
A. Register via Active.com or download the form here, complete and mail.

Q. Do athletes of Special Olympics have to pay?
A. No, our athletes participate for free. Contact the Santa Maria Special Olympics office or download the form here.

Q. Are strollers allowed on the course?
A. Yes they are as long as do not impede the runners on the course.  Those with strollers start at the back of the pack.

Q. How can I volunteer to help?
A. Complete the volunteer form and mail it in.  We will contact you with opportunities.
Volunteer Form

Q. Are dogs allowed on the course?
A. Yes, if they are nice, on a short leash and do not impede the runners on the course.

Q. Is there water on the route?
A. Yes, we have water at the 5K and 10K turn around points, as well as the start/finish line.

Q. Are there toilets on the route?
A. Yes, at both turn around points.

Q. Is there plenty of parking?
A. Yes, along Panther Dr. and at Pioneer High School.

Q. What if I can't register on-line?
A. Complete the paper for and mail in before May 10th.  Don't forget to include a check or cash.  (Application Form)

Q. When do I get bib # and t-shirt?
A. Both will available at the staging area on race day.

Q. Is it hard to find the staging area?
A. I hope not.  We shut down Panther Drive at the Edwards Community Center.  Parking is at Pioneer High School, so as you walk north on Panther from the parking lot, look for all the tents in the middle of the road.

Q. Will I get a confirmation that I'm registered?
A. If you register via Active.com, you will get a confirmation e-mail.  If you send in a paper registration form, you will get a confirmation e-mail once we enter you into the Active data base.  We need your e-mail address on your form.

Q. Is your course certified by the USATF?
A. We have submitted our application for certification and should be complete before the 2014 event.

Frequently Asked Questions:
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