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Jeremai Noe Vicario was born on December 14, 2002.  The moment he came into this world, he astounded the doctors with his will to live.  They felt his fragile heart would not last longer than 2 days.  He proved them wrong.  That seemed to become the motto of his life.  If you told him “no” he could charm you into a “yes”.  If you said he couldn’t, he showed you just how much he could!  Jeremai had a world to explore if only for a brief time.  He became a student of the infant program where he learned motor skills and communication through sign language.  Through further exploration, Jeremai learned to love music, dogs, books, and his toys.  His adventurous side yearned for the outdoors to cruise in his little toy car.  This little guy had such a happy disposition.  His smile was contagious!  And, he was always ready to strike a pose for a picture.  Jeremai was clearly loved by his family and friends across several states.  In his 3 short years on earth, he has touched the hearts of countless people.  He has become a hero to all of us.  Jeremai will be remembered for his strength, resilience, and charming disposition and endearing smile.

If you want to sponsor a member of Team Jeremai, please contact Nancy Vicario. All proceeds go to Special Olympics!
2015 Bull Canyon Run
Link to Northern Santa Barbara County Special Olympics donation page.