You can register through (fee) or by downloading the application and mailing it to the address on the form. We expect to sell out (1,000 participants), so registering via can guarantee an entry and makes sure the timing company gets your correct information. 

If you log onto and the page shows the event is closed, then you know we have reached the 1,000 limit.

All events start at the Edwards Community Center, located at the corner of Panther and Dominguez, in the City of Santa Maria.  

Go east on Main Street from US101, past Suey and then left on Panther Drive.  Ample parking at the high school and on Panther.  Do not enter from the north via Donovan Road.

The staging area is open at 6:30 AM on raceday to pick up your race packet.  


Staggered start for all events.  

Strollers and nice, happy dogs are permitted on the walk and run, but must start in the rear of the pack.  Please pick up after your pet.  Runners/Walkers must control their dogs on the course and avoid interferring with runners. 

Walkers must also yield to runners on the course at all times.
Fees & Awards:
Event Schedule:

Route Details:
Important Information - May 19, 2018
10K Run & Walk (start at 7:30 AM): 
The 10K run is an out and back course.  The start is at the Edwards Community Center and heads north on Panther to Bull Canyon Road.  Runners continue north on Bull Canyon towards 166.  The turn-around point is a few 100 feet shy of the 166.

5K Run & Walk (start at 8:00 AM):
The 5K run is also an out and back course and starts along with the 10K.  The turn-around point is about 1/2 way up Bull Canyon.

1/2K Kid's Run (start at 9:30 AM):
Fun run for kids age 5 and under.  Same start and finish, but entire route can be viewed from there so parents can see their kids the entire time.

1K Kid's Run (start at 9:40 AM):
Fun run for kids age 6-9.  Same start and finish as the 1/2K, but the kids make 2 laps.
Course Elevations:
All events begin at the Edwards Community Center, 809 N. Panther.  The elevation at the start/finish line is 246 feet above sea level.  The remaining elevations are:

5K Run/Walk
1K (bridge): 246 feet
2K: 265 feet
2.5K (5K Run turn-around): 281 feet
3K: 265 feet
4K: 246 feet

10K Run/Walk
1K (bridge): 246 feet
2K: 265 feet
2.5K (5K Run turn-around): 281 feet
3K: 304 feet
4K: 351 feet
5K (10K turn-around): 483 feet
6K: 351 feet
7K: 304 feet:
8K: 265 feet
9K: 246 feet
Cost: (same for runners and walkers)
Adults: $30 (18 and over)
Youth:  $25 (17 and under)
Active Military: $25
Kid's Run: $15 (2-9 yrs.)

All participants receive an event t-shirt and a participant medal.  

The overalll top three finishers in the 5K run and 10K run (male & female) will receive a plaque. (No walker plaques)  Plaques for 1st place in each age group for both races, male and female. Plaques awarded  9:15 AM.

Age Divisions for runner awards:
1-4, 5-9, 10-14, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80+.  No awards for "No Age Provided".
Schedule for 2018 Bull Canyon Run:
Registration open
05/02/2018:Deadline for Sponsorships
05/14/2018:Deadline to mail application
05/16/2018:Deadline for paper app.
05/18/2018:Online reg. closes at noon

05/19/2018:Race Day Schedule

5:00 AMSet-up begins
6:30 AMRegistration opens
7:30 AM10K Run/Walk
8:00 AM5K Run/Walk
9:00 AM5K Awards
9:15 AM10K Awards
9:30 AMKid's .5K Run
9:40 AMKid's 1K Run
9:50 AMKid's Awards

To:809 N. Panther
Santa Maria, CA 93454
Number and Street:
  2017 Bull Canyon Run