Santa Maria River
Edwards Center
246' elevation
Hwy 166.
10K turn
483' elevation
4K up
6K down
351' elevation
3K up
7K down
304' elevation
5K turn
281' elevation
1K up
9K down
246' elevation
This is a view of the Bull Canyon Run, taken from Bull Canyon Road and Hwy 166.  All events start at the Edwards Center.

How to find the run?  From the US101, exit Main and head east towards the mountains.

Main crosses Suey Road and then go about 1/4 mile and turn left on Panther. Go north on Panther until you arive at the Edwards Comm Center.  Park on Panther or at the high school.

This photo was taken by Doug Coleman on 3/20/01.

How to get to the Run and what it looks from the air
Santa Maria Valley
(looking south)
Bull Canyon Road
Main Street
US 101
To:809 N. Panther
Santa Maria, CA 93454
Number and Street:
2017 Bull Canyon Run